Caven introduces new service for criminal law firms


Press release - January 2010

Caven, the UK’s leading provider of client referrals to a network of over 500 UK civil law firms, has launched a new service for criminal law firms which enables criminal lawyers to market themselves more widely and will help consumers ensure that they choose the right specialist criminal law firm for their case.

James Vintin, founder of Caven, comments: “15% of the enquiries Caven already receives relate to criminal matters. This demonstrates the difficulty many consumers experience when appointing the right specialist criminal lawyer for their case.”  The substantial amount of enquiries on criminal matters, independent of any active advertising, led Caven to come up with a model to deal with such enquiries, and focus on generating much more, in a way that is compliant with Rule 9. 

The new service aims to repeat the success Caven has already had in increasing the amount of work for civil law firms. Caven is already used by around 1,000 law firms, including a number of the top 100 firms.

James Vintin says: “Using the existing infrastructure for our network of civil law firms we have created a very effective, low cost marketing and advertising tool for criminal law firms that will extend their reach to a far broader range of clients. At the same time the service will guide consumers around what is for many an unfamiliar market without putting them under pressure to choose a particular firm.”

According to Caven the majority of enquiries it receives on criminal matters relate to motoring offences, followed by other offences such as trading standards offences and health and safety breaches.  Business fraud/white-collar crime also represent a reasonable number of enquiries. 

Caven explains that the service for criminal law firms will be fundamentally different to the service it offers to civil law firms, due to regulatory reasons, and it is therefore an advertising service rather than a referral service. It will still offer consumers a valuable way of making an informed choice on the law firm they wish to appoint. The new service will allow consumers to quickly locate and directly contact a range of law firms in their local vicinity who specialise in the area of law they require advice on.

James Vintin says: “Many individuals and businesses may be unsure of where to turn to for a criminal law expert, particularly if they have not been involved in a criminal case before, and feel that they need more support in choosing the right law firm.”

Caven says that their new service will help criminal law firms to reach a broader client base. According to Caven one of the reasons that criminal law firms want to join the network is because of concerns over how plans to introduce best value tendering and to cut fees for Legal Aid work by up to 23% will impact on their fee income.

Caven says that best value tendering risks forcing law firms into bidding wars, with smaller firms losing out. Under the proposals firms would be required to submit tenders for blocks of work with the lowest bidder winning the work.

James Vintin explains: “These proposals are causing a great deal of concern for criminal lawyers. Smaller law firms may be unable to compete against larger law firms on price and so the volume of criminal work they receive could fall. This comes on top of proposals to cut fees for legal aid work by almost a quarter.”

“Lawyers specialising in criminal work are increasingly looking for new avenues in which they can secure work and Caven provides them with a very practical, inexpensive way for them to secure new sources of work.”

“These firms are aware that our services for civil law firms has led to a significant increase in fee income amongst our network of law firms and our aim is now to do the same for criminal law firms, using a model that is Code-compliant.” adds James Vintin.

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