Sudden drop in demand for employment dispute lawyers


Press release - December 2009

There has been a sharp and unexpected drop in demand for legal advice on employment disputes in the past month, reveals figures from Caven, the UK’s leading provider of client introductions to a network of over 500 UK law firms.

Caven, part of Thomson Reuters, says enquiries by individuals and businesses requiring employment law advice fell by around 8% in October. Caven explains that this is the first break in a rising tide of employment disputes it has been contacted about since the start of the year.

Caven says that this sudden reversal is in stark contrast to the 77% jump in demand for employment lawyers it recorded over the first nine months of this year.

James Vintin, Managing Director of Caven comments: “Demand for specialist employment lawyers has surged all this year. The impact of the recession provided fertile ground for disputes between employers and their staff.”

“These latest figures indicate that the dramatic rise in recession related disputes may now have peaked as confidence in the economy begins to recover, job cuts slow and the pressure of working in a fast shrinking economy eases.”

“Set against the growth in requests for other legal experts that we received over the same period this actually equates to a decrease in enquiries relating to employment disputes in real terms of 19%.”

According to Caven the recession triggered an increase in demand for employment dispute specialists for a number of reasons including:

  • Rising redundancies have led to unfair dismissal claims
  • Employers have become more active in managing out under performing staff leading to disputes over constructive dismissals
  • Cases being settled out of court require a solicitor to draft a compromise agreement
  • Employees are also challenging reductions in bonuses and to non-payroll benefits
  • A rise in internal disputes and a general souring of  working relationships caused by tougher market conditions have to claims for bullying and discrimination

Says James Vintin: “The downturn has created a pressure cooker environment in many workplaces that inevitably leads to employment disputes.”

“Now that the strains of the recession appear to be subsiding, and job cuts are slowing, the rise in employment disputes should taper off.”

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