Sharp rise in the number of people made redundant, or facing redundancy, considering legal action against their employers


Press release - August 2010

July saw a sharp rise in the number of people seeking legal advice to determine whether they have a case against their employers, according to find-a-solicitor service, Caven.

The company recorded a 15% rise in the number of people seeking employment-related legal advice in July 2010, compared to the previous month.

June 2010 saw only a 1% increase in employment-related legal advice enquiries compared to May 2010. Likewise, May 2010 figures were up just 3% on those in April 2010.

It seems more people who are losing their jobs, or are faced with losing their jobs, are not prepared to do so without putting up a fight.

Caven, which refers legal enquiries to more than 5,000 solicitors throughout the UK, also fielded more enquiries in July 2010 relating to employment issues than any other area — and more than a third (34%) of those calls were from people working in the public sector.

Of the enquiries in July 2010 that were referred onto a qualified employment lawyer, four-out-of ten were from people who had already lost their jobs, claiming to have been dismissed either unfairly or constructively, and one-in-five were from people who had been, or were about to be, made redundant.

Dan Watkins, director, find-a-solicitor service, Caven, comments: “The sharp rise in employment-related legal enquiries in July is a shot across the bows to all UK employers, in both the public and private sector. We all know about the economic and financial pressures facing Britain’s companies, but the next chapter could be the legal issues facing them as more assertive employees look to take legal action.”

You can view the full editorial published on The Guardian website on Wednesday 18 August 2010 here:

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