Consumer poll: almost half of solicitors impossible to get hold of after 5pm


Press Release - December 2010

But more than two thirds of consumers polled said, overall, their solicitor was very accessible.

London, 7 December 2010 -- Nearly half of solicitors (47%) are impossible to get hold of after 5pm, according to a survey carried out by UK-based solicitors’ network, Caven.

15% of the 2,000 consumers polled who had recently used a solicitor said they could "rarely" get hold of their solicitor after 5pm, with just 38% saying their solicitor could be easily contacted after that time.

On a more positive note, two thirds (65%) of respondents said their solicitor, overall, was very accessible, either on the phone or via email. Just over a fifth (21%) said their solicitor was difficult to get hold of over the phone or via email, while 14% said their solicitor was sometimes difficult to track down.

Although the majority (55%) of respondents said they were happy with the progress of their case, just under a third (32%) said that they had to be "on their solicitor's back" to ensure that the case didn't drag on. 13% of those polled said they sometimes had to chase their solicitor to speed up their case.

Dan Watkins, director of solicitors’ network Caven, comments:

“Although, overall, this survey shows most clients feel their solicitors are accessible and proactive, there are a few gripes, most notably the difficulty many people have getting hold of their solicitor towards the end of the day. And while the majority of clients are happy with the progress of their case, it is still a concern that nearly a third feel that they have to chase their solicitor to speed things up.

"Some clients are doubtless being unrealistic in this regard, as it might be that the solicitor has to wait a set amount of time before progressing to the next stage, but inevitably a good proportion of these instances will be down to solicitors genuinely being slow to respond. While largely positive, the survey shows there are still some negatives in relation to customer service levels that need to be ironed out."

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Notes to Editors:

1. Caven polled 2,000 consumers who contacted a Caven adviser during November and December 2010.

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