Personal Injury Compensation


A person that has an accident that was not their fault can sometimes sue the person or body whose fault it was. Personal injury compensation can be difficult for a solicitor to estimate as the amount awarded varies for each claimant, depending on their personal circumstances. When a judge hears a case they have a two-stage decision process to go through. Firstly, is the defendant liable for the accident, in other words, was it their fault? Secondly, how much money should the claimant be given to compensate them for the loss they have suffered and will suffer in the future? Once the judge has decided that the defendant is liable for the accident, then they will start working out how much the claimant should be awarded.

When deciding the amount of personal injury compensation to be awarded, the judge will consider how much the claimant has lost as a result of the accident. They will consider whether the claimant has lost money because he cannot work and whether they have had to pay medical bills or nursing bills as a result of the injuries. The judge will also consider how much the injury is likely to cost the claimant in the future. The judge will consider whether there are to be future medical bills, nursing needs or a future loss of earnings and for how long these costs are likely to continue.

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