Personal injury and mediation


Personal injury mediation allows a defendant and claimant to avoid going to court, avoid the costs and stress involved and instead have their case heard by a mediator. Personal injury mediation must be agreed by both parties before you go into mediation and the type of mediation must also be agreed. In most cases mediation will allow parties to discuss and come to an agreement and if an agreement cannot be reached, to proceed to a court hearing.

Personal injury mediation can be expensive and if an agreement is not reached then you will still need to go to court. You should take advice from your solicitor to decide if personal injury mediation is appropriate for your claim. It may be that your solicitor advises you to undertake a different form of alternative dispute resolution, such as a form of alternative dispute resolution that is binding. This will mean that whatever the decision is, it will be binding and further litigation will not be an option for either party. This allows for the case to be decided quickly.

Personal injury mediation is a viable option but it will depend on your particular circumstances. If the defendant has seen all the evidence and does not admit liability, then it is unlikely that they will admit liability in mediation; however, there will be circumstances in which talking face-to-face in personal injury mediation will help to solve the problem. Caven has a nationwide network of over 5,000 solicitors, and can match you to personal injury solicitors in your area.

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