Parking tickets

If you have received a parking ticket and you don’t believe you should have to pay, you may be able to appeal it. The process for appealing parking tickets is briefly set out here, but it’s always a good idea to get legal advice from a motoring offences solicitor.

Steps in contesting parking tickets

Your first avenue for appealing against parking tickets is to contact the local council that issued the ticket. Check out the website of your local council for exact details of the appeal process.


  • If you have received a PCN for a parking contravention, a formal representation can only be made upon receipt of a Notice to Owner (NTO)
  • An NTO will be issued to the vehicle owner if you haven’t paid the PCN after 28 days
  • Once you have the NTO you can make a formal challenge within a further 28 days

Reasons for contesting parking tickets

For the precise reasons for appealing parking tickets, speak to your motoring offences solicitor or criminal solicitor. For example:

  • You might deny that you were parked illegally at all
  • You may not have been the owner of the vehicle at the time
  • Your vehicle may have been stolen at the time

You should think carefully about the grounds you will base your appeal on before using the traffic courts. Also, you should think about what an appeal might cost you. If you appeal your penalty notice to the traffic courts and lose, you will also lose your ability to pay your fine early and get a discount on the usual charge.

Appealing parking tickets to The Parking Adjudicators

If the local council refuses your request (giving you a Notice of Rejection), you can appeal the parking tickets further to the Parking Adjudicators. You need to fill in a Notice of Appeal and send it in to them. You must appeal within 28 days from receiving the Notice of Rejection.

You can request either a postal decision or a personal hearing. If you choose a personal hearing this will take place at a Hearing Centre.

You may wish to be represented by a motoring offences solicitor. An Adjudicator will then consider all the evidence and make a decision. If your appeal is refused there are only very limited grounds for review from there, and you would need to speak to a motoring offences solicitor or criminal law solicitor.

If you have been issued a penalty notice it is important that you do not ignore it. If you intend to reject the offer and are comfortable with attending court, you should note that ignoring the offer could be deemed as acceptance.

This depends on the wording of the penalty notice. If you believe that you had indeed committed the offence, but you had mitigating circumstances for doing so, you should probably see a legal professional in order to ensure that you have a valid defence.

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