Natural disasters - legal advice will naturally help


By Curtis Brown

Claims for compensation can derive from many types of scenarios including natural disasters that occur hundreds of miles away.

Compensation is not just for personal injury or other popular triggers; it stems from being wronged, just like one of Caven’s clients after the huge tsunami in Japan in March 2011.  Although the client’s complaint was about their treatment at work, the problem came as a direct result of the 9.0 MMS earthquake that caused the tsunami.

The tsunami has hit business across the globe, whether through extra demand for goods or services, such as emergency equipment, or surplus capacity, of which the client’s employer was a victim.

This surplus led to the client’s employer reducing the need for labour. The client was concerned after their employer reduced their working hours to less than a quarter of the hours specified in the employment contract, and the employee was forced to resign. The client understood why the company felt the reduction in hours was necessary, but this put their livelihood and family in financial jeopardy.

However, after speaking to Acas (the nationwide Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service that aims to improve employment relations) the client was unsure if their employer was being legitimate and fair after the natural disaster that was the tsunami. That’s when they decided to get legal advice and called Caven.

After seeking free legal advice, whether from the Citizens Advice Bureau, Acas, Immigration Advisory Service, or universities, many people will still need specific answers in order to pursue their claim for compensation. This is where it becomes advisable to speak to an expert solicitor.

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Curtis Brown is one of Caven’s most experienced and knowledgeable telephone advisors.




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