Medical Compensation


A medical compensation claim is a lawsuit brought on behalf of a patient for negligent treatment by a healthcare provider. Medical compensation claims can be brought against both individual care professionals such as doctors, or against institutions such as a hospital or the NHS.

Most medical compensation claims arise from medical treatment which results in unexpectedly negative outcomes, such as birth defects in a previously healthy foetus.

In order for a medical compensation claim to be successful, the patient must prove that the service provider has acted negligently. This requires two separate issues to be addressed; firstly that the healthcare provider owed a duty of care to the patient (which is nearly always the case), and secondly that the level of care given fell below a certain standard.

If you have experienced sub-standard health care and are considering bringing a medical compensation claim against the healthcare provider(s) responsible, it is advisable to seek professional help as soon as practicably possible. Although the patient normally has three years to bring a claim, starting from when the injury became apparent, the scale of monetary awards in medical compensation claims is related to the severity of the injuries attributable to the negligent actions. Therefore, the more time that passes between the medical treatment and the claim, the less clear it is that the injuries are related to the medical treatment in question.

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