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Although media law is a diverse legal sphere, much of it concerns protecting a persons rights, be it the right to privacy or a copyright.

In media, whether you are an individual or own a business, certain rights will be of fundamental value to you. One of the most highly coveted media rights is that of intellectual property. A copyright in artistic work or a patent in scientific and inventive work may be an important source of your or your company's remuneration. Although many people may have to resort to litigation if these media rights are infringed, it is best to devise a system of protecting them too. Specialist media solicitors not only assist you on contentious issues but will be able to implement a system of safeguarding and transferring or assigning important intellectual property.

Media rights also encompass those which affect branding and reputation; such as a right to privacy or confidentiality and rights against defamation. It is important to many businesses and individuals that not only their reputation is upheld but that no secret or sensitive material is leaked. Again, it would be wise to implement safeguarding strategies that prevent confidential information from leaking out, but sometimes these barriers are not enough. Through a specialist media solicitor you may be able to obtain a court order which prevents others from going to the press and the public with material that could defame you or breach confidentiality.

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