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Media law is a diverse and multi faceted area of UK law. Media law covers industries such as print media, radio, television, music, and multimedia. It extends in breadth from practical aspects of a business operating in the media industry, such as dealing with contracting and licences, to broader issues of principle, such as individual’s right to reputation, privacy and free speech. For this reason, media law tends to be regulated with greater complexity than other aspects of business law. If you or your business is involved in work in the media industry, you should obtain advice from a specialist media solicitor to understand your rights and obligations under the law. The following aspects of media law affect most businesses and are therefore particularly important to be aware of and properly advised on.

Intellectual property (IP) law provides legal rights to protect your creations. There are four main types of IP rights: patents; trademarks; designs and copyright. It is important to ensure that your original ideas and work are protected to retain the value of them and your business. IP protection should be considered at all stages of the product or business model, including: considering a new idea; developing the idea; starting a business and entering the market. It is also important to ensure that you are not infringing the IP rights of other individuals and businesses.

Defamation law provides protection against the making of untrue statements that are damaging to the reputation of a business or individual. Malicious falsehood is a similar action which involves an untrue statement that is made maliciously, and which causes special damage.

Data protection law governs the handling of personal information. Both the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act provide penalties for non-compliance and breaches of the provisions are treated seriously.

Whilst these aspects of media law are relevant to most businesses, media law also covers niche areas of law such as publishing, advertising, broadcasting and audiovisual regulation, and aspects of IT law.

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