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Media and entertainment law is a broad term which usually refers to press and broadcasting, defamation and privacy as well as various intellectual property rights (such as copyrights). It may also refer to advertising and sports law which are much more niche areas of practice.

The purpose of much media and entertainment law has been created with and intention of safeguarding the public. For example, broadcasting and advertising are subject to certain codes which reflect decency and allow the public to voice concerns that such standards are not being met.

Media and entertainment law is developing rapidly as it is especially affected by technological advances, the internet being a platform which generates many legal problems. Any web content created even by an anonymous user could be offensive so as to defame someone, could be copied so as to infringe another's copyrights or could even be an exposing photograph which invades privacy. Not only is this causing much debate in the press but it constantly transforms the rules and regulations set out by media and entertainment law.

It is clear that many of us are or will be affected by media and entertainment law in some form or another. Due to the evolving nature of this type of law it would be wise to seek a specialist solicitor who can explain how to protect yourself from litigation as well as assisting you on any case brought against you.

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