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For many of us, the need to instruct a lawyer does not arise often. Therefore, when a legal problem does arise, it can often be daunting as to what steps to take. Whilst many cases do of course end up in court, it is the duty of legal professionals to attempt some form of dispute resolution before heading into proceedings; even those practising in litigation law firms.

But what is litigation and how would you know if it was necessary? Litigious proceedings are sometimes unavoidable, especially in areas such as family law where orders may be made against spouses or cohabitants, for example during separation, for contact with children. As these have to be made by the court, it is necessary to instruct a litigation law firm who are experienced in court proceedings.

The areas of law that are predominantly non-contentious are business law, corporate law and areas of property law such as conveyancing. You would not need a litigation law firm to act for you if, for example, you were setting up a business or selling a house as there is no need to go to court for any of these activities. Instead, you would instruct the appropriate corporate or conveyancing solicitor as applicable.

If you have been issued proceedings which you dispute, then you will need to contact litigation law firms to find someone to represent you. If you do not have the funds to support hiring a solicitor, it would be worth finding a firm that has legal aid funding where you may be eligible for free advice and representation. If you are unsure of what to do, you could also speak to someone from a local Citizens Advice Bureau or law centre who may be able to give you some assistance free of charge.

If you would like to obtain legal advice or information on litigation law firms then Caven can put you in touch with a local litigation lawyer free of charge. So, if you have any questions or would like our help in finding local litigation lawyers please call us on 08001 221 2299 or complete the web-form above.

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