Litigation Case


A litigation case is a dispute which has ended up in litigation, as opposed to arbitration or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). A litigation case is usually comprised of two or more parties which have serious grievances and are unable to come to a compromise without the court’s interference.  

A litigation case may be on any area of law. Each litigation case will be filed and subsequently heard in the appropriate court, depending on what area of law the case deals with, how complex it is and the monetary value (if any) of the case. As well as the level of the court (i.e. Crown, county, magistrates or High) a case could also be heard in specialist courts, such as the commercial court or the admiralty court.  

If you are involved in a litigation case, it is important to keep in mind that costs (i.e. the solicitor’s fees) usually make up part of the award at the end of the trial. These costs are estimated by the judge and one way to minimise the costs awarded against you is to show that you have acted as reasonably as possible, and with the intent of avoiding litigation. 

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