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The current financial climate means that individuals and organisations alike are more likely to attempt to recover debts, and this has led to an increase in litigation law. Litigation law is the whole process relating to proceedings being taken – also known as court action. If two parties disagree on a set of facts, the case must be decided by a judge or jury in the relevant court.

Litigation law can be both civil and criminal in nature. It is one of the most important areas of law, and the vast amounts of money often involved in litigation mean that one must obtain clear and coherent legal advice.

Civil litigation relates to breaches in the law involving individuals or organisations and in which monetary damages are sought. Examples include property disputes, personal injury and intellectual property.  Criminal litigation, on the other hand, involves criminal sanctions, and examples where criminal litigation is used include theft, manslaughter or murder.

Litigation law has several complex stages. The first step is filing a claim, which sets out the facts of the case. There is then a lengthy process involving many steps, including allowing the other party to respond, preparing documents for the case, preparing witness statements, being involved in meetings and conferences and culminating in a judgement being given in court.

The process is often a time-consuming and lengthy one, and it is therefore essential that you are represented by a solicitor who fully understands the vast and intricate case law surrounding the process, as well as understanding the technical nature of litigation law. 

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