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Libel law is often seen as the armour used by celebrities when a critic or journalist has written something false or nasty about them. In reality, libel law cases also involve regular members of the public who could be on either end of the libel litigation.

Defamatory material can occur in any medium: on TV, radio, in print and online. With the dramatic increase in popularity of personal websites and blogs, the various arenas available for comment in modern society are vast. This is one reason why the number of libel cases in the UK is increasing.

Subject to libel law, any false comment or publication which lowers, in the mind of the public, a person, organisation or company could give rise to a libel court case. Such false comments need not be in words only, as photographs or digitally altered pictures have resulted in libel litigation in the past. This, especially, causes problems for amateur writers, such as bloggers, who may not be aware of the repercussions of their comments on social networking sites or blogs.

Specialist libel law solicitors who defend both the defamed and the defamers can give you advice on how to write in a manner which will not result in litigation. They can also help you safeguard your reputation and find a way of amicably resolving an issue with an offending party.

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