Legal cases involving trade


A number of legal disputes can arise out of trade. Case law has been heard by civil courts in relation to contractual disputes arising out of trade. Negligence claims against traders have also been heard by civil courts in recent years. The following are some areas where there has been trade-case law.

Negligent traders:

There has been a raft of trade-case law relating to traders who have carried out work negligently. Some of these traders may be providing a service, for example, builders, contractors, etc. If the service the trader provides is deemed to be ‘negligent’, you may have a claim in tort law against the trader.

Contractual disputes:

Trade-case law has also been heard in relation to both consumer and commercial contractual disputes. Consumer trade disputes could arise where a trader sells unsatisfactory gods or provides an unsatisfactory service to a consumer. A consumer is defined as a private individual who is not acting in the course of business.

Commercial contractual trade disputes arise where both parties are acting in the course of business. There has been a lot of trade-case law on commercial related disputes. Some of these disputes involve breach of contract and damages claims.

If you are involved in any type of trade dispute, you should seek expert advice. Some trade disputes can involve complex points of law and evidence. A solicitor can help you with this and can also ensure that you defend or present your  trade case in the strongest possible manner.   

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