Lawyers in Durham

If you are involved in either civil or criminal legal proceedings in the North-east, you will require the services of a lawyer. Durham has many local legal services, including solicitors and barristers.

Local courts

Durham has both civil and criminal courts.

The address of the county court is Civil and Family Justice Centre, Green Lane, Old Elvet Durham Co. Durham, DH1 3RG. This court has the jurisdiction to hear most types of civil matters. Some of the work undertaken by the court includes divorce applications, bankruptcy matters and other civil law work.

The address of the magistrates’ court in Durham is Old Elvet, Durham Co., Durham DH1 3HW. This court has the jurisdiction to hear summary and triable either-way offences. If you are summoned to appear before this court, you should seek advice from a criminal lawyer in Durham.

Durham also has a Crown Court. This is located at the same place as the magistrates’ court. The Crown Court has the jurisdiction to hear the most serious type of criminal offences, known as ‘indictable’ offences.

Making a claim

The procedure for bringing a case in Durham’s county court (or any civil court) is set out in the Civil Procedural Rules. Help with complying with this procedure should be sought from local lawyers in Durham.


Durham solicitors and barristers can also represent you in court if the matter goes to a hearing. If you use local solicitors in Durham, it makes it much easier when it comes to the court hearings.

Finding the right solicitors

Solicitors in Durham have your legal needs covered, whatever type of legal matter you need help with. Lawyers in Durham specialise in both criminal and civil matters, and firms operating in the area offer both privately and publicly funded legal services in relation to contentious and non-contentious matters.

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Important information

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