Law of Property


The law of property is a vast field in which many legal professionals will specialise within a certain aspect of the law, and which is also the topic of much academic study. The fundamental aspect of the law of property is ownership: how to protect this ownership and how to maximise it for capital gain or personal use. Many of us own property, perhaps in the form of real estate, an object of value or some sort of intellectual property. How we gain and dispose of each of these differs vastly and therefore so do the laws of property.

In real estate, the laws of property may both help and hinder you as a buyer, seller or owner of land. Common disputes arise from access over properties, ways in which land can be used and how your neighbours' use of land affects your enjoyment. Each separate issue will differ in its complexities and therefore specialist legal advice should be sought before action is taken between parties.

Similarly, disputes can arise out of intellectual property such as copyrights. The law of property in this field differs significantly from real estate law and therefore this too would require a different specialist legal practitioner to help protect your property.

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