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Landlords and tenancy agreements


If you are a freeholder looking to let your property, or a prospective tenant looking to rent property, then it is likely you will need to be aware of the necessary content of a tenancy agreement. Landlords should instruct a solicitor who will look at their specific needs and edit a template tenancy agreement to give it legal effect.

Some aspects of a contract will remain the same for most tenancies, such as the name and address of the landlord, the name of the tenant and the address of the property to be let. In addition the type of tenancy should be clearly indicated and the document should be signed by the tenant and the landlord. Agreements should vary for every tenancy and as a result a specialist solicitor should be instructed who can assist with adding and removing relevant clauses as necessary.

In the main, tenancies will be assured short-hold tenancies and it is important that this is indicated in the written agreement. Landlords and tenants both have different rights and obligations depending on the type of tenancy that is being granted and both parties should take legal advice to be sure of the content of the contract they are entering into. A landlord, for example, will need a clause in any agreement allowing them to retain the deposit to allow for breach of contract and should stipulate for what reasons the deposit may be withheld. Failure to do this may mean the landlord cannot withhold the deposit.

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