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Landlord disputes


Landlord disputes are governed by both statute and case law, and are civil matters which are dealt with by the county court. Landlord disputes can arise because of a number of issues such as repairs, rent arrears, refunds of deposits and anti-social behaviour. In such circumstances, the tenancy agreement will normally cover any eventualities. It should answer basic questions about responsibility for maintenance and repairs, restrictions on use of the property and penalties for breaking the lease. If not, the matter could proceed to litigation. However, it’s often possible to resolve a dispute through mediation. If a landlord and tenant dispute has arisen it is important that both parties first seek advice on their legal rights and responsibilities so that they know how best to proceed.  

If litigation is required in landlord disputes, matters progress in the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT). This is the name given to the independent body appointed to make decisions on various types of dispute relating to residential leasehold property. It can decide the price to be paid when a leaseholder wants to buy (enfranchise), extend or renew the lease of their home, adjudicate in disputes about the right of first refusal procedure and the compulsory acquisition of the landlord's interest in blocks of flats, decide liability for payment of service charges and can settle disputes about the landlord's choice of insurer. Finally, it can decide applications on dispensation of service charge, administration charges, the right to manage, the appointment of managers and the variation of leases.Landlord disputes can have far-reaching consequences, and using a specialised solicitor is highly advised.

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