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Information technology (IT) law is an ever-expanding arena as more individuals and businesses rely heavily on IT solutions and need to safeguard their online and digital content. As IT law grows, so do the number of specialist IT lawyers, operating across the UK either in general or IT-specific firms.

The problems that IT lawyers solve vary from those encountered more typically by businesses, such as outsourcing, to online content generated by individuals causing intellectual property infringement, for example. Those in the IT industry often need to instruct IT lawyers to arrange consultancy agreements, software licensing agreements and to outsource contracts. These contracts and agreements are essential components to IT businesses and require due diligence and care when being created. Only specialist IT lawyers should therefore be instructed to handle this complex work.

IT lawyers not only assist businesses who are expanding their IT resources, but will frequently assist on litigation too. Digital data and online content can often raise concerns of data protection, intellectual property infringement and invasion of privacy amongst businesses and individuals alike. These problems have, in the past, caused some very public cases and have led the media to comment on the safety and security of online content. IT lawyers are not only equipped with the specialist legal knowledge and experience to combat such issues but can also advise on implementing safety procedures to protect against future litigation or infringement.

A further problem with IT law is that online content is typically available across the globe. This adds a multi-jurisdictional dimension to a legal problem as content can be created in one country but is infringing or defaming someone in another country. If this is a problem you face then seek IT lawyers who practice international law and can advise you specifically for a legal issue that has arisen between you and a person or company in another jurisdiction.

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