Invasion of privacy law


Simply put, the state has rights of entry into your home entrenched in more than 200 Acts of parliament, and although most would be totally irrelevant to most people the rights remain. Invasion of privacy laws have become more and more numerous over the last one hundred years, with many others becoming archaic but never being repealed. In recent years people have become increasingly concerned with invasion of privacy law and what our state is doing to protect us.

Invasion of privacy law concerns not only entry to your home by the state, but CCTV, entry to your home by officials, phone tapping and your rights to privacy. The extent of the laws that exist to allow invasion of privacy on the one hand and prevent invasion of privacy on the other is massive, and if you feel that you want assistance with this you should contact a specialist solicitor.

The Human Rights Act 1998 enacts the European Convention on Human rights in domestic law. This allows people to enforce their rights under European law without having to bring the case in the European Court of Human Rights. The Human Rights Act gives people a right to privacy and family life and also states that judges must make every decision in every case which regards any piece of legislation, with a view to the Human Rights Act. This means that judges must decide in accordance with the Human Rights Act if possible, even if it is not the piece of legislation they are considering at the time.

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