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It is not uncommon that we travel extensively and conduct business abroad. As such, interaction with other countries’ judicial systems and rules occurs frequently and in various instances.

Contact works with specialist international law solicitors in the UK and also has an extensive network of firms abroad.

What can international lawyers help you with?

It is crucial to abide with countries’ laws when you are visiting them or conducting cross-border commercial transactions, such as buying property or running a business. You may need the assistance of a lawyer in another country if you find yourself in a situation where, for instance, you are:

  • Buying or selling property
  • Applying for citizenship
  • Arrested
  • Employed in another country
  • Inheritance purpose

Why you need a specialist international lawyer

Many countries have laws that are significantly different from the ones in the UK and having a specialist looking after your best interests is key as it will assure you that all dealings are handled correctly. If you are, for example, buying property in France then a local specialist lawyer can help with the transaction itself and also ensure that you are aware of any tax that needs to be paid and local council regulations.

Caven’s network of international lawyers

Caven’s network of solicitors stretches beyond the UK and regardless of the nature of your legal matter we can put you in touch with a specialist lawyer with knowledge of the law in the following countries:

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