International law FAQs


A top level definition of international law might talk about the rules and regulations which bind nations, as opposed to citizens. This would be true of agreements between nations which come into force in certain situations, such as war or economic collapse.

But international law can also affect individuals. It can impact on trade between countries, or fishing waters. and it can transcend nations by providing the basis for human rights.

As such, it's a pretty wide-ranging area of law. We have broken it down into the categories shown on the right hand side. These categories include topics such as:

  • Shari'ah law
  • The European Court of Human Rights
  • EU law
  • Trade

International law tends to be very broad by its very nature as well, which makes it very difficult to give specific answers to specific situations. If you have any queries when it comes to a breach of human rights, or international trading rights, for example, it is imperative you talk to a professional.

Call us on 08001 221 2299 and we will try to give you some advice. More importantly we will be able to put you in contact with a solicitor specialising in international law in your area.

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