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Immigration visas


Immigration into the UK increases on a yearly basis as Britain is one of the most popular immigration destinations. Whilst some foreign nationals immigrate to the UK on a temporary basis, such as for study or temporary work, others wish to become naturalised as a British citizen. Regardless of whether the stay is permanent or semi-permanent, those wishing to remain in the UK must obtain immigration visas.

Immigration visas come in a variety of forms; however, the most common forms are those relating to work or study. Other immigration visas available are spouse immigration visas where the foreign national is married to a UK citizen or a person granted indefinite leave to remain.

For working and student visas, the immigration rules have recently changed to incorporate a new ‘points-based system’ which determines which immigration visa category a foreign national falls into.

The points-based system has designated five tiers for those immigrating to work or study in the UK which are outlined below:

Tier 1 is for migrants who are highly skilled, which includes entrepreneurs, investors and graduates. This replaces the previous ‘Highly Skilled Migrant Programme’ and ‘International Graduates Scheme’.

Tier 2 is for skilled workers who have already been offered a job prior to immigration and incorporates the UK Work Permit Rules.

Tier 3 is rare and only applies when there are shortages in UK workforces that skilled foreign nationals can fill.

Tier 4 is for students only.

Tier 5 is for temporary workers who come under the Working Holiday scheme.

Only Tiers 1 and 2 allow a foreign national to stay in the UK on a permanent basis and apply for naturalisation, whereas immigration visas granted under tiers 3 – 5 will specify the date at which the foreign national must leave the UK. Staying in the UK beyond this date is a breach of UK immigration law and has very serious ramifications including fines and/or imprisonment.

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