Immigration FAQs


The most common issue concerning migration is immigration. How long can I stay in the UK? Can my family join me? What if I arrived here illegally - is there a chance I can stay?

It's a complicated topic, because it involves both British law and also human rights, as laid down by the European Convention. So certain individual instances which might fail the initial legal challenge can be overturned at a later date.

The result of this, essentially, is to give yourself the best possible chance of a favourable outcome. Don't be like this person, who we spoke to a couple of years ago. When asked when his visa ran out after telling us he was being deported, he replied, "Five years ago"!

If you have immigration worries, call us on 0800 177 7162 or fill in the web-form using the button to the right and we will call you back. You can choose your preferred time. Let us put you in contact with the right solicitor for you.

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