How we deal with enquiries

Our case handling team

As a member of our network you will have a close relationship with our case handling team, as you will be speaking to them on a regular basis.

We work hard to ensure we have an experienced team, with most case handlers educated at degree level and many having legal qualifications. The team are experts at filtering out time wasters and ensuring that only quality client referrals are sent into the network.

The process used to filter clients always includes the following questions:


  • How soon would you like to hear from a solicitor?

Geographical location

  • Are you looking for a solicitor local to you or would you be happy for us to get you an expert in this area of law, but who could be located elsewhere in the country?

Desired outcome

  • What are you looking to achieve by using a solicitor?

Price requirement/funding

  • Do you know the cost of using a solicitor and how will you be funding the case?

By gaining the clients response to these key four questions, we’re usually able to establish whether this case is suitable for the network or not.

What happens next?

After we’ve made our recommendation we then have a strict follow up process.  We call the client to firstly ensure that the solicitor has made contact and to reinforce the benefits of using legal services for their particular case.

The idea is that we work with the client from the start to the end, so that not only do we aim to pass the most appropriate leads to firms but we also discover the client's experience of that firm, and whether their case is going ahead or not.

This helps us provide the best-possible service for everyone involved.