How to get advice on a tax law review


Tax law and tax rates both change frequently and it is essential to keep up with these alterations. Although HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) do publish information to the public about any modifications to the law, it is up to the taxpayer to ensure that they are not operating in a way contrary to recent tax changes. Specialist tax solicitors keep up to date on any recent tax law reviews and are in the best position to advise you on changes that you need to take into account.

Currently, HMRC are holding a tax law review scheme entitled ‘Tax Law Rewrite’ which aims to make the law clearer and easier to understand. Though the intention of this scheme is not to alter the substantive law but rather the way it is presented, HMRC have suggested that minor changes will occur and that these can affect a number of people.

The types of changes that can be expected in a tax law review usually concern the income brackets at which tax begins to be chargeable. If this bracket is lowered from one year to the next, something that may have been exempt from being chargeable may no longer be. It is your duty to find this out and pay taxes accordingly, however if you are in doubt it is best to speak to a qualified tax lawyer who can guide you through how a tax law review affects you and/or your business.

Whether you are an individual concerned with inheritance tax or a business looking for assistance with corporate tax, find a specialist tax solicitor who will offer advice on any tax law review. Tax law is constantly evolving so it imperative to stay abreast of the developments with help of a legal adviser.

It may be time for your business to think about a full commercial law review. By getting a commercial lawyer to review your business situation, including your tax situation, you can ensure compliance.

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