How to get a divorce


If you have decided that ending your marriage is the only option left to you, and would like some information on how to get a divorce, then you should consider speaking to a divorce solicitor. Divorce can be a difficult course of action, and the more prepared you are before embarking on the process the better. A solicitor can explain the process of how to get a divorce and provide you with legal support throughout. So, if issues come up during the divorce, your solicitor will be on hand to resolve them quickly, minimising the stress of the situation as much as possible.

To start the divorce process a petition must be filed at court. You can obtain divorce forms from your local divorce court free of charge or your solicitor can get hold of them and file them at court on your behalf. You can locate your local divorce court by going on the HM Court Services website at: If you are considering completing the petition yourself then is it advisable that you get a solicitor to check you have filled the form correctly.

In order to be eligible to file for divorce, you and your spouse must have been married for at least one year. You then must set out in your petition that your marriage has irretrievably broken down. This is done by providing evidence for one of the five following facts: 

  • Your spouse has committed adultery
  • Your spouse had behaved unreasonably
  • Your spouse deserted you at least two years ago
  • You have separated for two years and your spouse consents to divorce
  • You have separated for five years, in which case no consent is required

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