How to find an ADR service that is suitable for your needs


ADR is a commonly used acronym standing for Alternative Dispute Resolution. It refers a group of ADR services, which generally includes negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration. Collaborative law is a newer approach which has been recently added to the ADR bracket.

An ADR service can be used to resolve many different types of problems. The main requirement for an ADR service to be suitable and likely to result in success is that both parties are willing to participate in the process and have an interest in resolving the dispute amicably. This is particularly so for negotiation, mediation and conciliation, which are usually voluntary processes. Arbitration may sometimes be set out in a dispute resolution clause of a commercial contract as the principle method for resolving a dispute.

Whether you have a minor personal problem or a complex commercial matter, you can find an ADR service to suit your needs. Informal mediation may be a suitable ADR service for dealing with minor disputes between neighbours or family members. Mediation is frequently used following the breakdown of a relationship to reach an amicable agreement on matters concerning property and children. However, mediation may not be suitable where there is a history of harassment or an imbalance in power between the parties. You should speak to a solicitor about whether mediation may be suitable for your dispute. Arbitration is more suited to commercial disputes, as a decision made through arbitration is typically binding upon the parties.

A solicitor can inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of different ADR methods and advise you on the most suitable ADR service to resolve your dispute.

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