How to emigrate to America


Emigration to America is a popular concept, particularly for those from under-privileged countries. It is slightly easier for UK citizens to make the move, but it is only a small difference. The help of an experienced solicitor is vital when considering emigration to America to help you understand what type of visa is required as there are many to choose from and the process can become complicated.

Visas are not the only way to emigrate to America; this can also be done by the much-coveted green card. You are less likely to require a green card application if you are emigrating for employment purposes unless you can demonstrate there is a shortage of US workers to fill the vacancy, known as ‘labour certification’. Applying for labour certification can take up to six months. Labour certification does not permit an alien to start work in America immediately and your employer will have to provide additional documentation. An application for labour certification is made using the official form ETA 9089.

Some criteria of workers can obtain a green card without labour certification; however, this is only possible if you have an extraordinary ability in business, science, arts, education or athletics. Alternatively, emigration to America is possible for outstanding professors/researchers, international managers, registered physiotherapists and registered professional nurses.  

A US emigration solicitor will be well advised to explain to you how to emigrate to America and the likelihood of the success of your application particularly before you take on any extra costs.

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