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Housing solicitors deal with all aspects of housing law and housing disputes for their clients. Housing law can be particularly complex, and given the importance of housing matters to people and their families, it is important to take good legal advice from an independent housing solicitor in the event of a housing dispute.
Examples of housing disputes include disputes between landlord and tenant. Often a landlord may be seeking to evict a tenant for a breach of tenancy agreement, poor upkeep of a rented property, damage to the property or non-payment of rent, and calls in a housing solicitor to assist in the matter. Alternatively a tenant may be fighting wrongful eviction, or may be having trouble with a difficult landlord.
Often housing solicitors act for groups of tenants in actions against social landlords, if groups of tenants are facing an unlawful eviction or are struggling to have the landlord carry out repairs they are legally obliged to perform. Housing solicitors also act for residents to dispute service charges or other payments being demanded by landlords. 
Services carried out by housing solicitors include:
  • Dealing with squatting issues
  • Evictions
  • Protecting squatters’ rights
  • Repossession cases
  • Rent disputes
  • Reviewing decisions concerning homelessness
  • Service charge disputes
In all housing law disputes seek legal advice from an experienced housing solicitor. They will have the best advice on how to proceed in your dispute, the best action to take and the chances of success. There are several charities who offer housing law advice, or you should speak to your local housing solicitor.
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