Handling a tax law case


It is your responsibility to ensure that you pay all the taxes you owe on time, and keep accurate records of all your tax affairs. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) looks after most of the taxes that you will pay in the UK. Most people pay their income tax for instance via PAYE (Pay As You Earn), but many people with multiple incomes, or that are self-employed, also complete a tax return each year.

If HMRC think that the information you have given on your tax return is false or not a true-and-accurate account of your tax affairs they may bring a tax law case against you. Note that HMRC also choose a random selection of taxpayers who complete tax returns to investigate in more detail. This is not in itself a tax law case, unless HMRC find something they believe is inaccurate or misleading.

You must not attempt to handle a tax law case alone. UK tax law is complex and open to interpretation, so it’s vital that you have a qualified tax solicitor to help you. They can look at what HMRC is accusing you of, and give advice about how to approach your case. Often, a tax law case can be sorted out quickly and amicably. Your solicitor can negotiate for you if payments of tax are in dispute, for instance.

HMRC may, however, be bringing a case against you because they think you have deliberately falsified your tax records and tax return. In these tax law cases, HMRC may take you to court. Your solicitor can still represent you, but if a court hearing is going to happen, they can also help you find and appoint a tax barrister to speak for you in court.

At every stage of any tax dispute you are involved in always take qualified legal advice. Your solicitor and barrister are there to fight your case. Always give them accurate information and be honest with your answers to their questions. When they are armed with all the facts of your case they will be in better position to ensure you get a positive outcome.

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