Funding A Personal Injury Claim


Over recent years, personal injury funding has changed dramatically. Previously, claims for personal injury were publicly funded, but now they are often funded on a no-win, no-fee basis. No-win, no-fee, in personal injury, usually refers to a system of funding where the client does not pay the solicitor's fee if they lose, but pays a percentage increase on the fee if they win (how much depends on the chances of winning the case and the inherent complexities involved).

A solicitor is governed by a code of practice which states that a solicitor must give a client the best possible information about costs. In personal injury, funding your case with a no-win, no-fee arrangement may not be appropriate for you, and you may decide that you would rather pay your legal costs at the outset, to avoid paying a higher fee at a later date. Whatever your final decision, your solicitor should make you aware of his hourly costs and give an estimation of how much the case is likely to cost you. In the event that it isn't possible to give you an estimation of costs, your solicitor should keep you informed of costs on an ongoing basis.

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