Forms required in an uncontested divorce


To obtain any divorce the correct legal procedure must be followed, so it is advised that you obtain the services of a specialist divorce solicitor to assist you in filing divorce forms for an uncontested divorce.

There are many benefits for couples engaging in an uncontested divorce. Forms that must be filed at court are fewer in number and therefore less time-consuming, which is one reason why an undefended divorce is cheaper. Firstly a petition form (Form D8) must be completed and returned to the court along with a copy of your original marriage certificate and if you have children a statement of arrangements for children form (Form D8A). Once received, the court will send an acknowledgement of service form (Form D10) along with a copy of the petition and statement of arrangements form to the respondent.  

The respondent must complete and return the acknowledgement of service form and state that he or she is happy with the grounds for divorce set out in the petition. The court will next send directions for trial (Form D84) and an affidavit (Form D80) to each of the parties. Once these forms have been completed and returned, providing the court does not have any further queries, it will issue the first of two decrees, a decree nisi (D84A certificate). At this point a statement of information for consent order (Form D81) can be completed. A consent order allows you and your spouse to state where your children will live, how property and the value of any benefits you each hold, for example a pension, should be distributed. Both parties will be required to sign the consent order to show their agreement.

Six weeks and a day after the decree nisi you can apply for the final decree of divorce, a decree absolute (Form D36). When the courts send you a decree absolute, your divorce is finalised and the consent order becomes binding on that date.

Even with an uncontested divorce, the forms can seem complicated and confusing. Using a specialist solicitor removes any potential obstacles and can ensure your divorce procedure runs as smoothly as possible.

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