Five more FAQs on motorbike accidents


Can I claim compensation for any kind of accident on my motorbike?

The key factor when considering whether to bring a claim for compensation is whether the accident was in any way your fault. If you believe that you were not at fault, your personal injury solicitor should be able to make a successful claim for compensation.

What is ‘contributory negligence’ in compensation claims?

The personal injury solicitor acting for you will look closely at the precise circumstance of your accident. If you did anything that contributed to your accident, this could be contributory negligence. For example, perhaps you were not looking where you were going at the time of the accident. In these cases it may be difficult to show negligence and therefore claim compensation from the other party, as you contributed to the accident.

How much evidence must I provide to claim compensation for my accident?

Evidence is always the most important factor in any personal injury claim. With road accidents the police will have reports that you could use, and there may also be eyewitnesses that you could enlist to support your case. Your personal injury solicitor will need this type of evidence if your case is to have a successful outcome.

Does ‘causation’ always affect claims for compensation?

The principle of causation is a test that is applied in all personal injury cases. You have to show for instance, that the driver who hit you was negligent and directly caused the injury for which you are claiming compensation. Your personal injury solicitor will look for a direct causal link before taking on your case.

How can a solicitor help me with my personal injury case?

Contacting a personal injury solicitor as soon as you can after your accident is important. The evidence you need will be fresh and can be acted upon promptly by your solicitors. Personal injury solicitors have the experience you need to make a successful claim for compensation and can provide you with legal advice throughout the course of your claim.

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