Five FAQs on intellectual property


What is intellectual property?

Many successful businesses have developed products or services that have become highly successful. The detail of how these products are manufactured or look, or how their services work, is the intellectual property (IP) of these companies. The recipe for Coca Cola for instance is the IP of The Coca Cola Company. As many economies are now based on knowledge, specialist IP solicitors have developed their expertise to help these companies protect their valuable IP.

How can I protect the IP in my business?

Specialist IP solicitors can assess the IP that you have in your business and advise how best to protect this information. Some of the most common ways to protect IP is through the use of copyright, patents and trade marks. An intellectual property solicitor can advise on each of these types of IP.

What should I do if my IP is breached?

Called an infringement, if you think your company’s IP has been compromised in some way, contact your solicitors immediately. The severity of the infringement will determine the type of action your business should or could take. If you need to, suing the party that you are alleging infringed your IP rights for damages may be the best course of action. Your IP solicitors will assess the situation and advise accordingly.

Is my IP protected in other countries?

Unfortunately, IP protection is not universal across the world. Patents and copyright law is different in each region. It is important that your IP is protected in each country your business trades within. Specialist IP solicitors in these countries can help you set up your initial IP protection, and then police it in the future.

What are the key services that an intellectual property solicitor can offer me?

As the IP in your business could be its most precious commodity, your solicitor can help your company ensure it is completely protected. This protection can extend to other countries. And your solicitor will be vital if you believe your company’s IP has been infringed in some way. Your IP solicitors can begin legal action if this is appropriate.

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