Five FAQs on family law


What is family law?

Any legal process that links to families comes under the general heading of family law. Family law solicitors handle cases involving divorce, separation, adoption and wills and probate. If you have a legal issue in any of these areas, it is vitally important to get legal advice as soon as possible.

Will court action always be necessary to settle a family law dispute?

No, as the courts will actually want to see that you have attempted to resolve your issues with mediation first. You should still have a family law solicitor representing you to ensure your interests are protected, but many families find they can avoid the cost and stress of court action by using mediation.

Are children always put first in divorce cases?

Yes, the divorce court has a responsibility to put the welfare of the children of divorcing couples at the top of its priority list. The court will take advice from organisations, including CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Services), which was set up by the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act, before making any decisions. Your family law solicitor can guide you through this element of the divorce process.

Do I need a solicitor to deal with the estate of a family member that has died?

This all depends on whether the deceased person has left a will. If they have, it will outline how their estate is to be dealt with and who will be responsible for carrying out their wishes. If there is no will, and you want to apply to be the administrator of the estate, you’ll find the help of a wills and probate solicitor to be invaluable.

Why would I use a family solicitor?

Family law can be highly complex in some areas – wills and probate is a good example. A family law solicitor can help you not only understand the law as it relates to your case, but also represent you if you are being taken to court for some reason. If you are unsure of any area of family law, contact a family law solicitor for help, legal advice and guidance.

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