Five FAQs on employment


How does the law protect me when I am at work?

Your employer has what is called a ‘duty of care’ towards you when you are at work. What this means in practice is that they must provide a safe working environment under health and safety regulations. The law also protects your employment via legislation which covers dismissal and how you can be disciplined. If you need to clarify any point of employment law, there are specialist employment law solicitors available to help you.

Can my employer dismiss me whenever they like?

No. Employment law states that your employer must have a good reason to dismiss you, such as persistent absence or lack of ability to do your job. If they do not have a good reason, this could be unfair dismissal. If you think you have been unfairly dismissed, contact an employment law solicitor as soon as possible. You may have a case you could take to an Employment Tribunal.

What is the best way to resolve a dispute at work?

All employers should have a grievance procedure that is set out in detail in the company handbook. You should initially use this process to attempt a resolution of your dispute. If your dispute is more serious and based on alleged discrimination, for example, it is advisable to contact an employment law solicitor for advice.

Why is my employer offering me a compromise agreement?

Compromise agreements are often used when employees enter a dispute with their employers. The agreement sets out the terms by which the grievance will be settled. Often a sum of money will be offered to the employee in exchange for their acceptance of the compromise agreement. Always ensure that any agreement you are offered is thoroughly checked by an employment law solicitor before you sign.

How can a solicitor help me with my employment dispute?

If your dispute is based on alleged discrimination or victimisation, the services of an employment law solicitor will be vital. Your solicitor can help you negotiate a settlement with your employer. If a settlement isn’t possible, your employment law solicitor can support you when your case goes before an Employment Tribunal.

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