Five FAQs on bicycle accidents


Can I claim compensation if I’m injured while riding my bicycle?

When you are riding your bike in the street, the local authority that maintains the roads and pavements has a responsibility to ensure these are safe to use. If you had an accident on your bike that was the direct result of a poorly maintained area of road, this could be good grounds to claim personal injury compensation.

What is the law regarding liability using special bike parks?

You can expect the areas where you ride your bike to be safe; whether you are riding on the street or in a special bike park perhaps for off-road riding, your safety should be protected. The company that owns the track you are using or County Council that looks after the roads all have a duty of care towards you. The personal injury solicitor handling your case will apply the law of negligence to your case to secure compensation for your injury.

How should I claim compensation if my bike is faulty and causes my accident?

When you purchased your bike, you were a consumer under the law and therefore the transaction comes under the Consumer Protection Act. The Act states that all goods sold should be fit for purpose. If your personal injury solicitor can show that your bike is faulty in some way and therefore not fit for purpose, you could claim compensation from the retailer or the manufacturer.

Can I expect a minimum level of compensation to be paid?

The amount of money that you can obtain as compensation will depend on a number of factors. Personal injury compensation guidelines are available and attach amounts of money to specific injuries, however your personal injury solicitor will negotiate with the organisation you are suing for the best payment possible.

What help can a personal injury solicitor offer with bicycle accidents?

Anyone who suffers an injury as a result of an accident that was not their fault, can claim compensation from the negligent party. A personal injury solicitor is absolutely vital, as they will be able to assess whether a claim is valid and pursue it on behalf of their client.

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