Five FAQs on accidents in the home


Is it possible to sue someone for an accident when visiting their home?

Generally, the person who owns the property that you are visiting is responsible for your safety while you are on their property. The piece of legislation that covers these responsibilities is the Occupiers’ Liability Act. A personal injury solicitor can explain how this Act could apply to your claim.

What does the law say about who is responsible for visitors to their home?

The responsible person who you could potentially sue for compensation will be the homeowner, or the landlord of the premises if this is rented. The legislation is generally for commercial properties, but it is often also applied to domestic accidents as well. Your personal injury solicitors will be able to assess the circumstances of your injury and advise whether your claim could be successful.

Can I get any compensation for the injury I have sustained?

The qualifying factor will be whether negligence has taken place. If you simply had an accident that was no one’s fault, this would not be negligence and would not be a good basis for a claim for compensation. However, if you visit a property that has not been maintained, for example, and you were subsequently injured, you may have a case for compensation. Always speak with a personal injury solicitor before you take any action.

How can I prove that my injury was caused by negligence?

Good evidence is always the key with personal injury cases. The stronger your evidence, the more chance you have of winning your case. If you can take photographs, provide reports or even witnesses to your injury, your personal injury solicitor can use this evidence to fight your case.

Do solicitors handle accidents in the home cases?

Yes, personal injury solicitors do handle compensation claims from people who have suffered an injury from an accident in another’s home. In addition, if a person is injured in their own home because of faulty goods, such as electrical equipment or furniture, or because of a trade person’s negligence, a personal injury solicitor can help them to get compensation.

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