Five FAQs about renting property


Does my landlord have to keep the property I am renting in a good state of repair?

Yes. Under the Landlord and Tenants Act 1985 your landlord must ensure that your home is kept in good repair and is fit to live in. Your tenancy agreement will also note the areas of repairs for which you would be responsible. If your landlord refuses to make any essential repairs, contact a property solicitor for legal advice.

Are there any common problems when renting property?

Perhaps the most common problems stem from landlords and tenants not having a clear understanding of their responsibilities. You should have a property solicitor look at your tenancy agreement before you sign it. Your solicitor can clarify any clauses that are unclear. Common issues include notice periods, repairs and maintenance, deposit returns, and access to the property.

What does the law say about noisy or nuisance neighbours?

The legislation includes the Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act 1993, the Noise Act 1996, and the Party Wall Act 1996, and they can all be used by your solicitor if you have problems with your neighbours. You should initially try and resolve these issues yourself, but if this fails, a solicitor can advise on the legal action you could take.

Can my landlord enter my property at any time?

Generally you have sole possession of your property. However, your landlord can enter in an emergency – perhaps a pipe has burst and you’re out of the country on holiday. Also your landlord can enter to make repairs, but should have asked your permission first. If your landlord is entering your property without permission or good reason, contact a property solicitor for advice.

How can a solicitor be helpful when renting a property?

A solicitor is vital to have available to assess your tenancy agreement. Never sign an agreement before you fully understand its terms. It’s also advisable to get legal advice if you have a dispute with your landlord. And if your landlord is trying to evict you, the help of a solicitor is even more important to obtain as soon as possible.

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