Five FAQs about planning law


Is every kind of construction project governed by planning law?

Yes, whether you are constructing a residential building or commercial premises, you must comply with planning law. As each construction project will be different, it is vital to have the services of a property lawyer. Your lawyer can assess your project and outline how planning law could have an impact.

Would changes to a property also come under planning law?

Building regulations are very strict and clearly define what changes need planning permission, and what changes do not. Your property solicitor can advise you whether the construction work you are considering would require planning permission. Work that does need planning permission is defined under Section 3 of the Building Regulations.

Can I proceed with my construction project without planning permission?

Any construction project that begins without planning permission could risk action from the local authority that could result in high costs. Your local authority could insist that the building work you have completed is reversed, and also fine you for breaking planning regulations. Your property solicitor can advise you as to whether you could begin your project without interim planning permission being granted.

Do changes to listed buildings always need planning permission?

Yes, as in most cases, the integrity of the building you are modifying must be protected. As the penalties for not obtaining planning permission can be severe, consult with a property solicitor with listed building experience before you begin your project.

How can a solicitor help me with planning law?

The help and advice of a property solicitor is vital to obtain in order to ensure your project meets all planning laws. Your solicitor can assess your project and outline how planning law could apply. And if you need special planning permission, your property solicitor can help you obtain your permissions.

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