Five FAQs about employment rights


How is health and safety part of my employment rights?

When you are at work, one of your most important employment rights is that you have the right to perform your job in a safe environment and be free from the risk of injury and illness. If you feel that your employer is not fully complying with all health and safety regulations, or if you have suffered from an accident at work, you should contact an employment solicitor.

Should my employer give me a contract of employment?

Yes, as your contact sets out the terms under which you will be working for your employer. If you are subsequently dismissed, for example, you can refer back to your contract if your dismissal is based on you allegedly breaking your employment contract.

In addition, your employment contract outlines your employer’s obligations towards you. You can refer to your contract if you think your employer has breached any of their obligations. An employment law solicitor can assess your contract and advise whether you have a case to take to an Employment Tribunal.

What about trade unions? Can I be forced to join one?

No employer can demand that you join a trade union or relinquish your membership before you start work. You have the right to join any trade union you choose. If your employer prevents you from joining a trade union, contact an employment law solicitor for advice.

Can my employer prevent me from taking time off?

Employment law does allow for a certain level of time off from work in special circumstances. For example, you can take time off for official trade union business. If you are called for jury service, you can legitimately take time off. And you also have maternity or paternity rights in relation to absence from work. If any of these rights are breached or refused by an employer, an employment law solicitor can be of assistance.

How can a solicitor help me protect my employment rights?

An employment law solicitor can be invaluable if you are having problems at work and you can’t resolve these with your employer. Your employment rights are protected by a number of regulations and pieces of legislation. If you feel any of your employment rights have been infringed, an employment law solicitor can advise you on the action you could take.

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