Five FAQs about contracts


Should I always take legal advice before signing a contract?

We all enter into contracts every day. If you buy something from a shop, or order some goods online, you are entering into a contract of sale.  In business, contracts are commonplace. If you are presented with a contract, or need a contract drawing up, it is important to contact a solicitor for help and legal advice.

Can I draw up a contract myself?

There is nothing in the law that states that you must use a solicitor, but because of the highly complex nature of contract law, it is always advisable to use a solicitor. If your contract came into dispute, you would have a greater chance of success if your contract was drawn up by a legal professional.

What is breach of contract?

Anyone who signs a contract is agreeing to the terms and conditions contained in the contract. If any of these terms or conditions aren’t adhered to, this is called breach of contract. In business, a breach of contract could be for none payment for goods sent or services rendered, a failure to supply goods of agreed quality, or a failure to provide a report at an agreed time. The type of breach will depend on the type of contract you have signed. If you want to sue for breach of contract, it is vitally important to use a specialist contract solicitor. They have the experience you need to successfully defend your position.

Are there special types of contract?

Yes, generally each industry has developed its own special types of contracts. Some examples include the shipping and construction industries. These areas of the law tend to have special regulations attached to them that must be reflected in any contract. Specialist solicitors exist in these areas to help you understand any contract with which you are presented.

How can a solicitor help me if I am sued for breach of contract?

The severity of the breach and the recompense that the other party is looking for will determine what could happen if you are sued for breach of contract. Your solicitor will outline how the alleged breach of contract could be resolved. Generally, your solicitors will look for a solution that avoids any court action, as this can be expensive and time consuming.

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