Five FAQs about construction disputes


What are the most common construction disputes?

Many people hire a builder without first thinking about the work they want doing, how much they want to pay, or by when they would like the work completed. Solicitors handle many disputes where one or more of these essential components in the contract were overlooked, if indeed any contract was signed at all. In addition, many disputes centre on the non-performance of one of these aspects, or the client’s non-payment.

Why bother with the cost of drawing up a contract?

The fee that your solicitor charges to draw up a contract with your builder or contractor is always money well spent. If you were to enter into a dispute with your builder, your contract would form the basis of your legal action. Your solicitor can ensure that any special clauses required for your particular circumstances are included to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

Can my local authority sue me for making alterations to my home?

If you have not applied for planning permission and it is required to make the changes to your property, your local authority could demand that you return your property to its former state. If you do not, you could be taken to court. In this event you should have the support and legal advice of a solicitor.

Could I sue my builder for low quality work?

Yes, as your builder has to complete their work to recognised standards. If they do not, they would be breaching trading standards regulations, at least. Your solicitor can assess which consumer legislation you could use to sue your builder for compensation.

How can a solicitor help with construction disputes?

The law that surrounds construction and the provision of services to the public is clear. If you think your builder is not complying with these regulations, your solicitor could help you launch a claim against them. And a solicitor is vital to ensure that you have a contract agreed and signed before any work commences.

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