Five FAQs about commercial law


What do I need to be aware of with regard to commercial law?

Often referred to as business law, your company must ensure it fully complies with all the areas of commercial law that applies to its operations. A commercial solicitor can be invaluable to your business to ensure that all regulations are followed. Some of the main areas of commercial law include: contracts, tax and intellectual property.

Should I use specialist solicitors for each type of commercial law?

Most commercial solicitors will be able to give general advice on any aspect of commercial law. However, if your business needs specific regarding one particular area of commercial law, then engaging a specialist solicitor would be advantageous. Some areas of commercial law such as copyright and contract law are highly complex. Specialist solicitors would have more knowledge and experience than general commercial law solicitors.

Are commercial laws linked to my business’s customers?

Yes, some of the strictest commercial laws with which your business must comply are designed to protect your customers and the wider public. If your company produces any products, there are commercial laws that govern these products’ safety. You must ensure your business is aware of consumer protection laws and fair trading regulations.

What about commercial laws if my business sells overseas?

Commercial law will often have an international component. Businesses that trade with other companies within and outside of the EU should be fully aware of the commercial laws that apply to their businesses. A commercial law solicitor with experience of international commercial law can give your company all the advice it needs.

How can a commercial solicitor save my company money?

Your business will enter into a number of commercial contracts, with suppliers for example, and it may need to protect a new process it has developed. Using a commercial solicitor for these standard business activities, and the many others, can ensure your business not only trades lawfully at all times, but also reduces its overall costs by minimising disputes. Think of a commercial law solicitor as a member of your management team.

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