Farm Accidents


An accident can happen on a farm in the same way as it could happen in any other place of work. However, considering the equipment used on a farm and the nature of the work, there any many dangers present that could lead to quite serious personal injury. Farm owners have a duty of care to their employees and any visitors to ensure that their farms are compliant with health and safety standards including ensuring that farm machinery is operated by appropriately trained staff, who should also be provided with appropriate safety equipment. If you work on a farm then it is likely to be your main source of income, thus farm accidents and other agricultural accidents can have a potentially serious impact on your life and affect your ability to earn a living.

It is not only employees who are exposed to the dangers of farm accidents. Visitors, including children, are particularly susceptible and are therefore also entitled to compensation if they have been injured as a result. Any claim for compensation from farm accidents should be brought within three years of the accident and in the case of a child within three years of their 18th birthday.

Common causes of farm accidents include accidents with farm vehicles and machinery such as tractors and fork lifts, falls, illness from hazardous chemicals and dangerous livestock. However, most injuries which are the result of another party's negligence will generally be covered and the advice of a specialist farm accidents solicitor should be sought.

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