FAQs: Numeracy skills in employment


Are numeracy skills required in employment?

Many jobs require employees to have basic numeracy skills, although these may not necessarily form a major or core part of the role. There are many jobs, however, that do not require numeracy skills in order to be able to carry out the job effectively.

What is the Skills for Life survey?

The Skills for Life survey is a regular survey taken out to produce a national profile of adult literacy, numeracy, English for speakers of other languages (ESOL), and information and communications technology (ICT) skills over five broad levels of competence. The government then aims to tailor the delivery of programs to address any weaknesses in the skills and knowledge of the population.

What are Skills for Life qualifications?

Skills for life qualifications help people who are over 16 years of age and who have left compulsory full-time education to develop their basic skills, such as numeracy and literacy. Skills for Life qualifications are available for those people who do not have up-to-date English or maths qualifications at level 2 on the National Qualifications Framework (such as a GCSE). In some cases, schools can also offer Skills for Life qualifications for 14 to 16 year olds.

What subjects can Skills for Life qualifications be obtained in?

Skills for life certificates are available in adult literacy, adult numeracy, information and communications technology and English for speakers of other languages.

How can jobseekers get help finding work?

Gaining extra skills through skills for life qualifications is a good way of improving career prospects. Jobseekers may also be able to participate in the work programme, which helps people to find suitable employment and stay in it. It offers a range of training and other initiatives to build up people’s skills, such as interview skills.

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